84 Funniest Submarine Jokes

Dive deep into a sea of submarine humor! From underwater adventures to playful oceanic puns, these jokes are sure to buoy your spirits and anchor some laughter. Get ready to explore the lighter side of the deep blue!

Submarine One-Liner Jokes

1. Submarines: The only way to have a truly “deep” conversation.

2. They called it a “submarine” because “underwater loaf” was taken.

3. The submarine had trust issues—it couldn’t surface its feelings.

4. Got a joke about submarines? Dive right in!

5. Submarines—proving that what’s below the surface really counts.

6. On submarines, the pressure to perform is intense.

7. Submarines: where the atmosphere is always under pressure.

8. If a submarine goes to school, is it sub-educated?

9. Submarines prefer deep thought to shallow talk.

10. Got a secret? Whisper it to a submarine—it won’t surface.

11. Submarines and secrets have a lot in common; both are deep and hidden.

12. Why are submarines so good at math? They’re deep into numbers!

13. On a submarine, “sea level” is just a starting point.

14. “Depth over distance” is a submarine’s love motto.

15. Want a sandwich on a submarine? You’ll need to go below bread level.

Submarine joke

16. Submarines: proving that it’s okay to be under a lot.

17. If submarines had a favorite social media, it’d be Dive-tok.

18. Submarines are so punny—they dive deep into humor.

19. Submarines always bring depth to the table.

20. In the world of submarines, it’s sink or swim!

21. The submarine said, “I’ve got issues, but they’re all below the surface!”

22. A submarine’s favorite clothing? Deep-V necks.

23. Submarines like their music with a lot of bass and depth.

24. In the submarine community, it’s all about pressing matters.

25. For a submarine, life’s not about the breaths you take, but the depths you reach.

26. If a submarine wrote a memoir, it’d be a deep read.

27. Submarines: The masters of under-the-sea networking.

28. Submarines don’t like drama; they’ve got enough pressure already.

29. “Keep calm and dive on!” – Every submarine’s motto.

30. Submarines always value depth over shallowness.

Best Submarine Puns

31. Why did the submarine blush?
Because it saw the ocean’s bottom!

32. How do you make a submarine sandwich?
Start with a large roll, add some water, and dive in!

33. How does a submarine show gratitude?
It sends depth-charges of thanks!

34. What do you call a submarine’s favorite game?
Dive and Seek!

35. Why did the fish avoid the submarine?
It didn’t want to get sub-merged!

36. Why did the submarine apply for a job?
It wanted to go below the surface!

37. What do you call a submarine in music class?
A bass drop!

38. Why don’t submarines play cards?
Because the fish always see their hands!

39. How does a submarine flirt?
“Is it hot in here or are we just in the Mariana Trench?”

40. Why was the submarine a great comedian?
It always went deep for its jokes!

Submarine joke

41. How do you know if a submarine is happy?
It waves!

42. Why was the submarine so clean?
Every time it dove, it had a deep clean!

43. What’s a submarine’s favorite instrument?
The sub-woofer!

44. Why don’t submarines use social media?
Too much depth, not enough surface!

45. What did the chef name his submarine-inspired sandwich?

46. What do you call a group of musical submarines?
An underwater band!

47. Why don’t submarines get lost?
They always sub-scribe to navigation channels!

48. What did the octopus say to the submarine?
“Want to play tentacles and hide?”

49. Why was the submarine a terrible soccer player?
It kept diving!

50. What did the fish say after swimming into a submarine?
“I think I’ve found sub-thing special!”
51. Why was the submarine always positive?
It believed in the power of sub-liminal messaging!

52. Why did the sandwich board a submarine?
It heard it was a “sub” marine!

53. How do you compliment a submarine?
“Looking deep and sleek today!”

54. Why did the submarine go to therapy?
It had too much pressure inside!

55. How does a submarine propose?
“Dive you want to be with me forever?”

56. Why did the submarine wear glasses?
To help with its sea-sight!

57. What do submarines like to eat for breakfast?

58. Why did the submarine bring sunscreen?
For when it surfaced… better safe than sunburned!

59. How does a submarine apologize?
“I didn’t mean to go so deep. My bad!”

60. What did the sassy submarine say?
“Talk deep to me!”

Funniest Submarine Jokes

61. Why did the submarine get a promotion?
It had deep connections!

62. Why was the submarine always calm?
Because it never surfaced its emotions!

63. How do submarines stay up to date?
They read the “deep-news”!

64. Why did the submarine take art classes?
It wanted to learn deep-sea sketching!

65. Why did the whale give the submarine a gift?
It was a deep-sea-thank-you!

66. Why did the submarine go to school?
To improve its depth of knowledge!

67. What did one submarine say to the other in a race?
“I’ll see you at the bottom!”

68. What’s a submarine’s favorite workout?
Deep-sea diving jacks!

69. Why was the submarine a good employee?
It always went below and beyond!

70. Why did the submarine feel left out at the party?
It wasn’t in the current conversation!

Submarine joke about whale

71. What’s a submarine’s favorite story?
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!

72. Why don’t submarines get sick?
They have deep immunity!

73. How do you know if a submarine has been using your computer?
There’s a dive bar at the bottom!

74. Why did the submarine get a time-out?
It went too deep without permission!

75. What’s a submarine’s favorite song?
“Under Pressure” by Queen!

76. How do submarines communicate?
Using sub-text!

77. Why don’t submarines play hide and seek with whales?
Whales always blow their cover!

78. How does a submarine order its steak?
Sub-medium rare!

79. Why did the submarine blush a second time?
It saw the seaweed!

80. What do you call a quiet submarine?
A sub-dude!

81. Why was the submarine a good negotiator?
It always knew when to dive into details!

82. What’s a submarine’s favorite bedtime story?
Anything that’s deep and sub-stantial!

83. Why was the baby submarine always giggling?
It loved deep-sea tickles!

84. What’s a submarine’s least favorite game?
Surface tag!


Thanks for sub-merging with us in this ocean of fun! May your spirits stay as buoyant as a boat and your laughter as deep as the sea. Until the next wave of giggles, stay afloat!


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