90 Most Funny Sushi Jokes

Dive into a sea of humor with these fin-tastic sushi puns! From raw-mantic tales to fishy antics, here’s a collection that’ll have you laughing soy hard. Ready to roll with the giggles? Let’s go!

Sushi One-Liner Jokes

1. “Dating a sushi? Just be prepared for a raw-mantic evening.”

2. “I tried to make sushi, but I couldn’t seem to roll with it.”

3. Went to a sushi bar, and the prices were fishy.

4. “Sushi chefs are great; they always have a roll in your meal!”

5. When sushi gives you a compliment, it’s rice to hear.

6. “Sushi said to the shrimp: ‘Stop being so shellfish!'”

7. “Went to an emotional sushi restaurant – the rolls had many feels.”

8. “Sushi parties? That’s how I roll.”

9. “When sushi takes a break, it’s for a raw-laxing moment.”

10. Why the sushi go to school? To improve its tuna-ity!”

11. Took my sushi to dance – it did the raw-cket!

12. “The sushi said, ‘Stick with me,’ and the chopstick agreed.”

13. “Gave my sushi a jacket because it looked a bit cool.”

14. “Met a sushi today; it was on a roll!”

15. “Avoid sushi puns; they’re a bit fishy.”

Sushi Joke

16. “Ever hear about the sushi detective? He always found something fishy.”

17. “Sushi’s favorite game? Salmon says.”

18. “I don’t trust sushi rolls; they always seem a bit wrapped up in themselves.”

19. “Lost at a sushi contest? At least you had a raw-ling good time.

20. “Sushi walks into a bar. Bartender says, ‘We don’t serve your rice kind here!’

21. “Ever met a sushi with rhythm? It had some smooth tuna tunes.”

22. “Why was the sushi so eloquent? It mastered the art of raw-speech.”

23. “When I told the sushi a secret, it was maki-stified.”

24. “Don’t invite sushi to poker; they always play their fishy hands.”

25. “Asked sushi for advice, and it told me to ‘just roll with it.'”

26. “I dated a sushi once; it was a raw-lationship.”

27. When sushi has a good idea, it’s called a light bulb-fin moment.

28. “Went to a sushi football game. Their goal? Raw scores!”

29. “My sushi has a first name, it’s O-Fish-Al.”

30. “Told my sushi a joke and waited for its raw-action.”

Best Sushi Puns

31. What do sushi say to the bee?

32. How do you start a sushi parade?
Roll it out!

33. Why did the sushi blush?
Because it saw the salad dressing.

34. What did sushi A say to sushi B?

35. Why did the sushi chef become a banker?
He was great at rolling in the dough.

36. What’s a sushi’s favorite type of shoe?

37. Why did the sushi go to school?
To get a little roll-education.

38. How do you communicate with a piece of sushi?
Use raw-moji!

39. What’s a sushi’s favorite song?
“Rolling in the Deep.”

40. Why was the sushi packed tightly?
It hated loose ends.

41. How do sushi chefs say goodbye?
“Rice to meet you, seaweed you later!”

42. Why did the sushi go to the prom?
Because it wanted to be a roll model.

43. Why did the sushi smile at the tuna?
Because it found it a-peel-ing!

44. How did the sushi prove its bravery?
It went into the soy sauce head first.

45. What do you call a sushi who writes poetry?
A rolling poet.

Sushi Joke

46. What’s a sushi’s favorite game?
Spin the bottle of soy sauce.

47. How do you know if you’re in love with sushi?
When you have that soy-mate connection.

48. What did the tuna say to the shrimp?
“Don’t be shellfish!”

49. How do you know a sushi is into technology?
It’s on the cutting edge of raw data.

50. Why was the sushi’s story so gripping?
Because it had a twist in the tail!

51. Why did the tofu blush?
Because it saw the sushi naked!

52. How do you console upset sushi?
“Don’t worry, everything will be rice.”

53. Why did the sushi roll go to the jazz club?
To see the bass drop!

54. Why did the sushi break up with the tempura?
It couldn’t handle the battering relationship.

55. Why was the sushi chef a hit at parties?
His jokes were rice-sistibly funny.

56. What’s the most popular sushi TV show?
“Rolling with the Kardashians.”

57. Why did the sushi attend the music concert?
It wanted to see the rock n’ rolls.

58. How did the sushi confess its feelings?
You have a special plaice in my heart.

59. Why was the sushi called to the principal’s office?
For being too raw-dy.

60. What did the sushi say after cracking a joke?
“That’s a wrap!”

Funniest Sushi Jokes

61. Why did the sushi chef get promoted?
He had all the right rolls.

62. What does sushi wear to look formal?
A fish-tie.

63. How does a sushi say cheers?
“Here’s to good rice!”

64. Why did the sushi chef sleep?
He was tired of the daily roll.

65. What’s a sushi’s favorite instrument?
The bass guitar.

66. How do you get a sushi to light up?
Plug it into an eel-ectric socket.

67. Why was the sushi worried?
It had too much on its plate.

68. Why did the piece of ginger blush?
It saw the sushi roll.

69. What’s a sushi’s favorite story?
One with deep raw-mantic tales.

70. How do you know if a sushi is an optimist?
It believes in the power of positive thinking.

71. What did the sushi say during the race?
“I’m on a roll!”

72. Why did the sushi join the gym?
To get better abs-oy sauce!

73. How do you know when a sushi is artistic?
It has a taste for the finer t-una things.

74. What do sushi use to make a call?
A shell-phone.

75. Why did the sushi cross the road?
To get to the other tide.

Sushi Joke

76. What did the sushi say to the bouncer?
“I’m on the rice list!”

77. Why was the sushi so flexible?
It did yoga for fish-cal fitness.

78. Why didn’t the sushi share its treasure?
It was a little shellfish.

79. What does sushi say in the morning?
“Rice and shine!”

80. How does a sushi flirt?
“You’re soy amazing!”

81. Why did the sushi chef become a detective?
He had a knack for fishy business.

82. How did the sushi ask the sashimi out?
“Rice to date?”

83. Why was the sushi roll good at meditation?
It always had a piece of zen.

84. What’s a sushi’s favorite type of movie?
Anything fish-tion.

85. Why did the sushi refuse to hang out with the sandwich?
It didn’t want to be in a sticky rice situation.

86. Why was the sushi a good salesman?
It always came with a roll-back guarantee.

87. What did the sushi say to the tie?
“You hang around, I’ll roll.”

88. What does a sushi call its best friend?
Miso lucky to have you.

89. Why was the sushi feeling down?
It was fed up with feeling raw.

90. What’s a sushi’s favorite dance move?
The maki-rena.


Hope you had a whale of a time with these sushi jests! Remember, humor is the best soy-sauce of life. Stay raw-some and keep rolling with the laughs!


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