71 Funniest Tom & Jerry Jokes

Embark on a laughter-filled journey where Tom’s paws are full, but his trophy case is empty,. Get ready for a few laughs with the world’s most famous cat and mouse.

Tom & Jerry One-Liner Jokes

1. Why doesn’t Tom play golf? He can’t stand the idea of a “mouse in one.”

2. Jerry’s the only mouse who knows how to make a cat spin like a fidget spinner.

3. Jerry’s got a PhD in escapeology; Tom’s still working on his bachelor’s in capture arts.

4. If you think speed dating is tough, just ask Tom how fast his dates with Jerry go.

5. The real reason Tom’s a night owl: his mouse hunt turns into a wild goose chase.

6. Why does Tom avoid high-speed internet? He’s had enough of chasing a fast mouse.

7. Tom tried learning the piano until Jerry ran across the keys and played it better.

8. Jerry never worries about identity theft; Tom can’t even catch his shadow.

9. Tom’s new title: “Master of Suspaws,” because he’s always left hanging by Jerry.

10. Tom’s the cat who always lands on his feet, except when he’s flying after Jerry.

Tom & Jerry Joke

11. When Tom watches a nature documentary, he roots for the cheese.

12. Jerry’s so quick, he makes Tom look like he’s streaming on a bad internet connection.

13. Tom’s idea of a balanced diet is a mouse in each paw, but he’s always fasting.

14. Why is Tom the worst at hide-and-seek? Because “finding Jerry” is not in his purr-view.

15. Tom’s like a bad internet connection, he just keeps buffering around Jerry.

16. Tom’s on a seafood diet: he sees Jerry, he eats… well, he would if he could catch him.

17. Jerry knows real estate: he lives rent-free, in both the house and Tom’s head.

18. Tom’s like that one guy at the bar, always thinks he’s got game until the chase is on.

19. Jerry’s the master of hide-and-seek; Tom’s just playing “seek” and no hide.

20. Jerry’s the only one who knows how to push Tom’s buttons—without having a remote.

Best Tom & Jerry Puns

21. Why did Tom sit on the computer?
He wanted to keep an eye on the mouse!

22. Why doesn’t Tom read books about chasing mice?
He doesn’t want to chase a tale.

23. Why did Tom take a break from chasing Jerry?
He heard it’s impolite to play with your food.

24. Why did Jerry go to the party alone?
Because Tom was always a party pooper—always trying to catch him!

25. How does Tom like his Jerry?
Out of reach and on the run!

26. What did Tom say to Jerry during their game of chess?

27. Why was Tom so good at video games?
He had the best mouse control.

28. What do you call Tom when he takes a nap?
Sleeping beauty, because that’s the only time Jerry feels safe.

29. How did Jerry feel after outsmarting Tom?
Absolutely “mice-tastic”!

30. Why did Jerry go to school?
To learn how to outsmart a certain someone in Cat-ulus.

Tom & Jerry Joke

31. What’s Tom’s favorite movie?
Fast and Furry-ous!

32. Why did Jerry dance on the piano keys?
He wanted to play Tom and Jerry’s theme song.

33. What did Jerry say when he got into Tom’s food?
“This is purr-fectly delicious!”

34. Why couldn’t Tom play hide and seek with Jerry?
Every time he’d count, Jerry would just run away!

35. Why did Tom join the gym?
To become a “mouse-cle” cat.

36. How does Jerry tease Tom?
By leaving a trail of cheese leading to a mouse trap.

37. Why did Tom start a blog?
To write about his “chase” for success.

38. Why did Jerry get an award?
For being outstanding in his “field” — the kitchen field!

39. What’s Tom’s favorite game?
Cat and mouse, but he never seems to win.

40. Why did Jerry wear sunglasses?
Because his future was looking bright, just as long as Tom was left in the dark!

Most Funny Tom & Jerry Jokes

41. Why did Tom team up with Spike for a change?
He thought it would be “ruff” on Jerry.

42. Why did Tom, Jerry, and Spike start a band?
Because they already had a smashing hit—every vase in the house!

43. Why did Jerry hide in Spike’s doghouse?
It was the “leash” Tom would expect!

44. What’s Tom’s least favorite game?
“House” of cards—because with Spike and Jerry, it never stands a chance!

45. Why did Tom, Jerry, and Spike get in trouble?
Because their game of tag was more like “break everything in sight.”

46. Why don’t they play hide and seek anymore?
Because the last time, the house made an “oof” when Spike hid under the rug.

47. Why is it so loud when Tom, Jerry, and Spike have a fight?
Because it’s not just a catfight, it’s a whole “house” concert!

48. How does Spike break up fights between Tom and Jerry?
With a “paws” button!

49. Why did Tom invite Spike to watch a scary movie?
He wanted a “barking” partner when the suspense was too much.

50. Why does Jerry always escape at dinner time?
Because that’s when Spike sets the “table” and Tom does the “dishes”!

51. Why did Tom take up boxing?
He heard Jerry had a mean “mouse hook.”

52. What’s Tom’s favorite wrestling move?
The Cat Slam, but Jerry always counters with the Cheese Escape.

53. Why was Tom so bad at fighting games?
Every time he chose “paws,” Jerry chose “play.”

54. What do you call it when Tom chases Jerry?
A fast-food run.

55. Why did Jerry take a first aid course?
He heard prevention was better than “claw.”

Tom & Jerry Joke

56. Why doesn’t Tom need a sword to fight?
He already has two sharp “cat-lery” at the end of his paws.

57. How does Jerry train for his fights with Tom?
By running laps around the mouse wheel – for speed training!

58. Why did Tom start practicing judo?
To learn how to “flip” the situation on Jerry.

59. Why is Jerry like a boxer?
He’s always in the lightweight category and still knocks Tom out.

60. How did Jerry describe their fight to his mouse friends?
“It’s like a game of cat and mouse, except I have the cheat codes.”

61. Why did the house owner enroll Tom in math class?
Because his track record with Jerry is subtraction by distraction.

62. The house owner told Tom he’s like the WiFi
always dropping the connection with Jerry.

63. When Tom asked for a raise in his “mouse catching” salary,
the owner just gave him a rubber mouse and said, “Start practicing.”

64. The owner told Tom
he’s less of a “cat burglar” and more of a “cat let burglar.”

65. The house owner gave Tom a bell and said,
“At least now you can sound like you’re working.”

66. Why did the house owner replace Tom with a robot vacuum?
Because at least it sucks up crumbs, not just at catching Jerry.

67. The owner said to Tom, “You treat catching Jerry like it’s a 9-to-5 job,
but Jerry’s working overtime.”

68. The owner asked Tom, “Why can’t you be a ‘copycat’?
Just do exactly what the mouse traps do!”

69. When Tom got caught napping on the job,
the house owner said, “Finally, someone’s taking a cat nap seriously.”

70. The owner told Tom, “I’m not saying you’re bad at your job,
but Jerry’s been leaving cheese out for you as a tip.”

71. The house owner put up a sign:
This house protected by a security system… just kidding, it’s just Tom. We’re doomed.”


That concludes our mischievous escapades with the most entertaining duo in cartoon history. Whether Tom’s plotting or Jerry’s dodging, one thing’s for sure—there’s never a dull moment. Stay tuned for more antics, and remember, in the game of cat and mouse, the laughter is always the real prize!


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