79 Most Funny Train Jokes

Navigating the complex tracks of adult life requires a touch of humor. Here’s a series of train-themed one-liners, tailored for those who’ve journeyed a bit further down the line. All aboard the chuckle express!

Train One-Liner Jokes

1. My date with a train conductor was a disaster; he had too many issues with signals.

2. If my love life were a train, it’d be the “Forever Alone Express.”

3. Why did the train get promoted? It had a strong track record.

4. I tried dating a locomotive once, but she had too much steam for me.

5. They say love is like a train ride. Why does mine feel derailed?

6. A train’s favorite drink after a long day? Track and tonic.

7. I took a speed dating train—everyone was trying to couple up.

8. Why don’t trains make vows? They have commitment issues with tracks.

9. My partner and I are like parallel train tracks—close but never truly meeting.

10. Ever been on the singles’ train? It’s less “choo-choo” and more “boo-hoo.”

Train Joke

11. My romantic life’s like a train ride: scenic but monotonous.

12. The first rule of Train Club is: Always mind the gap.

13. I’m like a vintage train—takes a while to get started and often needs pushing.

14. Why don’t trains use dating apps? Too many track and ghost.

15. The best thing about dating a train? At least you know when they’re departing.

16. Why was the train a great musician? It knew all the underground hits.

17. My love life is like a subway: messy, unpredictable, and occasionally underground.

18. Why did the train bring a notebook? To jot down its steamy thoughts.

19. My partner calls our relationship a train—because I always seem to be in another carriage.

20. Why don’t trains get invited to parties? They always bring too much baggage.

Best Train Puns

21. Why did the ghost train apply for a job?
It had too many phantom fares.

22. How do trains get their caffeine fix?
From the de-rail espresso!

23. Why did the train break up with the car?
She had too much baggage.

24. Why did the zombie like the subway?
Fresh underground meat!

25. Did you hear about the train that went to the cemetery?
It was the last stop for some.

26. Why did the vampire always ride the midnight train?
Peak dining hours.

27. Why was the locomotive so good at keeping secrets?
It was trained to keep things under steam.

28. What’s a train’s favorite dark song?
“Locomotive Breath.”

29. Why did the train get an award?
For outstanding track record in the graveyard shift.

30. Why did the criminal prefer trains?
He found them to be the perfect getaway vehicle.

31. What’s a train’s least favorite game?
Russian rail-lette.

32. Why was the subway a great place for a mystery novel?
Because every stop was a cliffhanger.

33. Why did the depressed train write a song?

It had the blues for the tracks.

34. Did you hear about the train accident at the cemetery?
It was the end of the line for many.

35. Why do trains make great detectives?
They always follow their leads.

Train Joke

36. Why did the train attend the therapy session?
It had too many suppressed steam issues.

37. Did you hear about the haunted train station?
It’s always a terminal experience.

38. What did the train say at its retirement party?
“It’s the end of the line for me.”

39. Why don’t trains make good boxers?
They always pull their punches at the last station.

40. How do trains cope with tragedy?
They just keep chugging along.

41. Why was the train always late during rush hour?
It lost track of time!

42. What’s a train’s favorite dance during rush hour?
The loco-motion!

43. Why don’t trains get lost during rush hour?
They stick to their routes, no matter the hustle and bustle.

44. Why did the train blush during the morning rush?
It saw the station’s underwear!

45. Why was the train’s coffee always spilled?
Rush hour brews!

46. Why was the platform so cold during rush hour?
The fans were blowing off steam!

47. How do trains avoid collisions during peak hours?
They track their feelings.

48. Why did the train get a standing ovation during rush hour?
Every seat was taken!

49. What’s a train’s advice for beating the morning rush?
“Track ahead!”

50. Why did the computer keep missing its train?
Too many windows open during the rush!

Funniest Train Jokes

51. Why did the subway go to school?
To improve its underground knowledge.

52. What did the steam train say to the diesel?
“You may be fast, but I’m all steamed up!”

53. Why was the bullet train stressed?
It had too many fast commitments.

54. What do bullet trains eat?
Fast food!

55. Why did the tram get a ticket?
It couldn’t stick to its lane.

56. Why do freight trains make terrible employees?
They always have too much baggage.

57. What’s a subway’s favorite music genre?
Underground rock.

58. Did you hear about the electric train?
It was shocked by its own performance!

59. Why was the toy train so good at singing?
It had great tracks.

60. How does the steam train flirt?
“I might be old school, but I can still get things heated.”

61. Why did the monorail get invited to the party?
It always elevated the mood.

62. Why don’t bullet trains talk to each other?
They always pass too quickly!

63. What did the freight train say to the passenger train?
“You’re too carried away with people!”

64. How do you compliment a subway train?
“You have a deep sense of purpose.”

65. The chicken on the crowded Indian train told the goat,
“Next time, let’s fly!” The goat responded, “Sure, as soon as you teach me!”

Train Joke

66. Why did the trolley go to therapy?
It had too many unresolved tracks.

67. Did you hear about the maglev train?
It’s known for its uplifting stories.

68. What’s a bullet train’s favorite movie?
“Gone in 60 Seconds.”

69. Why don’t steam trains work well in offices?
They can’t stop letting off steam.

70. Why did the subway go on a diet?
It wanted to shed some underground weight.

71. Why are trains the most stressed during the evening rush?
They can’t “unwind” their tracks.

72. What did the introverted train say during rush hour?
“Too many connections!”

73. Why was the train always calm during the rush?
It knew how to conduct itself.

74. What do trains read during the rush hour?
Fast tracks!

75. Why do trains never get overwhelmed in the rush?
They compartmentalize.

76. What’s a train’s favorite song during the peak hour?
“Don’t Stop Believing” that you’ll get a seat!

77. Why was the train always chewing gum during rush hour?
To blow off steam!

78. How do you compliment a train after a long rush hour?
“You’ve got drive!”

79. Why did the train apply makeup during rush hour?
It wanted to look express-tacular!


As we pull into the humor station, remember: life’s journey is always better with a bit of laughter. These train-themed jokes are just a pitstop – always be ready for the next comedic adventure. Safe travels and keep those smiles rolling!


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