85 Most Funny Truck Jokes

Delve into the world of humor with this collection of truck-themed jokes! From light-hearted puns to clever twists involving the famous Truck-kun from anime, these jokes are a perfect blend of road humor and playful wit. Gear up for some laughs that will drive you to amusement!

Truck One-Liner Jokes

1. Trucks really know how to pick up the pace.

2. I wanted to be a truck driver but I couldn’t handle the haul.

3. My truck’s not fat, it’s just haul-bodied.

4. I have a PhD in trucking: a Post-Haul Degree.

5. Never trust a truck, they always carry hidden cargo.

6. I told my truck a joke, but it just drove away.

7. Trucks really haul in the humor department.

8. My truck has a great career, it’s always on the move.

9. Trucks are always up for a heavy discussion.

10. I don’t tell truck jokes, they’re too loaded.

Truck Joke

11. If trucks could talk, they’d have some towing stories.

12. Trucks don’t gossip, they deliver the goods.

13. A life in trucking is just one big road trip.

14. Never play hide and seek with a truck, it always takes the high road.

15. Trucks never diet, they just lose their haul.

16. Trucks don’t get lost, they just take scenic routes.

17. My truck is a great listener, it’s all ears and gears.

18. If you want to hear a truck joke, just wait, it’ll come around.

19. A truck’s favorite movie genre? Road thrillers.

20. Trucks don’t have friends, they have haul-mates.

Best Truck Puns

21. Why did the truck stop?
Because it saw a fork in the road!

22. How do trucks stay in shape?
They do wheel-y intense workouts.

23. What do you call a sleeping truck?
A bedford.

24. Why did the truck go to school?
To get a little haul-ducation.

25. What’s a truck’s favorite type of music?
Heavy metal, because it can really haul it!

26. Why don’t trucks get lonely?
Because they always come with a load of friends.

27. How do you know when a truck is happy?
It starts haul-ing with joy!

28. How do you make a truck driver smile?
Tell them a “truck”-load of jokes!

29. Why was the truck so good at tennis?
Because it had great haul-hand coordination.

30. Why don’t trucks ever get lost?
They always take the highway.

31. What’s a truck’s favorite TV show?
Fuel’s Gold.

32. Why did the truck get a trophy?
For outstanding haul-around performance.

33. What’s a ghost truck’s favorite activity?

34. Why do trucks make great detectives?
They always track down the goods.

35. Why don’t trucks get cold?
They have heavy-duty engines to keep them warm.

Truck Joke

36. What do you call a laughing truck?
A Peterbilt of giggles.

37. Why was the truck so good at math?
It was great with haul-gebra.

38. What’s a truck’s favorite food?
Anything it can pickup.

39. Why don’t trucks play cards?
Because they’re always on the road.

40. How do trucks keep their spirits up?
By keeping their bed half full!

41. Why did Truck-kun join “Konosuba”?
To give Kazuma a real adventure in the afterlife.

42. What’s Truck-kun’s role in “Angel Beats”?
Delivering students to the afterlife school on time.

43. Why did Truck-kun go to “The Rising of the Shield Hero”?
To shield the protagonist from a mundane life.

44. How does Truck-kun stay in shape for anime roles?
By doing plot twists and turns.

45. Why is Truck-kun essential in isekai anime?
It’s the ultimate vehicle for plot transportation.

46. Why did Truck-kun join an anime?
It wanted to make an impact.

47. How does Truck-kun apologize?
“Sorry for the plot twist!”

48. Why doesn’t Truck-kun need GPS?
It always finds the main character.

49. What’s Truck-kun’s favorite anime genre?
Life-changing moments.

50. How do you make a tissue dance?
You put a little “truck” in it!

Funniest Truck Jokes

51. Why did the truck join the orchestra?
It had a great haul-ton.

52. What do you call a very polite truck?
A courteous carrier.

53. What do you get when you cross a truck with a vampire?
A “truck-ula”!

54. How do trucks write messages?
With a semi-colon.

55. Why are trucks bad at secrets?
They always spill their cargo.

56. What’s a truck’s favorite karaoke song?
“Keep on Truckin’.”

57. Why did the truck stop in the middle of the road?
It ran out of “gas-tination.”

58. What do you call a truck with a cold?
A wheezy wheeler.

59. Why don’t trucks play basketball?
They’re afraid of getting tow-fouled.

60. How do trucks celebrate birthdays?
With a transporty.

61. Why did the truck go to school?
To improve its “tow-tal” knowledge.

62. What’s a truck’s favorite state?
Rhode Island – it’s the best for road trips!

63. Why did the truck join a band?
It had great trailer tunes.

64. What do trucks eat for lunch?
Brake-fast food.

65. Why are trucks so good at history?
They’re great at hauling back in time.

Truck Joke

66. How do trucks keep cool?
Air brake conditioning.

67. Why don’t trucks like to race?
They hate getting exhaust-ed.

68. What’s a truck’s favorite weather?
Cloudy with a chance of freight.

69. Why was the truck so good at yoga?
It had great flexibility in its chassis.

70. What do trucks do on weekends?
They go on a haul-iday.

71. Why was Truck-kun hired in “Re:Zero”?
To give Subaru a real reason to say, “I’ll be back.”

72. How does Truck-kun keep its schedule in “Yu Yu Hakusho”?
It always arrives just in time for Yusuke’s next spirit detective case.

73. What did Truck-kun say in “Sword Art Online”?
“Let’s take this game to another level.”

74. Why did Truck-kun visit the set of “In Another World With My Smartphone”?
To upgrade the protagonist’s connection to another world.

75. How does Truck-kun choose its anime appearances?
It scrolls through the script for the character with the most potential.

76. Why don’t trucks get into heaven?
They carry too much sinful cargo.

77. What’s a truck’s favorite drink?
Brake fluid on the rocks.

78. Why was the truck so good at school?
It was great at truck-ology.

79. Why don’t trucks have good relationships?
They’re always carrying too much emotional freight.

80. How do trucks stay warm in winter?
They burn rubber.

81. How does Truck-kun choose its route?

82. Why is Truck-kun never late?
It’s always right on cue.

83. What’s Truck-kun’s favorite hobby?
Altering destinies.

84. Why did Truck-kun join a dating show?
To meet its next character match.

85. How does Truck-kun relax?
By watching reruns of its best plot twists.


I hope these truck-themed jokes have added some laughter to your day, with a mix of light-hearted puns and clever anime references. Whether you’re a fan of trucks or anime, remember, life’s a journey that’s best traveled with a smile. Keep on truckin’ and laughing!


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