60 Weekend Jokes To Make You Laugh

Weekends: our brief escape from the grind. Whether you’re unwinding or catching up, here’s a sprinkle of humor with one-liners to make you chuckle about those beloved two days!

Weekend One-Line Jokes

1. The weekend’s so close I can almost pretend Monday doesn’t exist.

2. I’ve got a five-day forecast: two days of fun, followed by a 3-day error.

3. If weekends were shoes, they’d be flip-flops—casual and too short.

4. Weekends are nature’s way of saying, “Let’s pretend adulting doesn’t exist.”

5. I’ve got 99 problems, and they all start again on Monday.

6. If weekends were a beverage, I’d be sipping slowly, but they always seem to spill over.

7. Weekends are the universe’s “pause” button… followed by Monday’s “hard reset.”

8. If the weekend were a superhero, its arch-nemesis would be The Monday Monster.

9. Weekends are the rainbow after a five-day storm.

10. I’ve been on a diet for a week, and all I’ve lost are two days!

Weekend Joke

11. The weekend called; it said to let loose and blame Monday for the consequences.

12. Weekends are like sunsets; beautiful but gone too soon.

13. Sleep till you’re hungry, eat till you’re sleepy,” said every weekend ever.

14. If life’s a game, weekends are the bonus levels.

15. My weekend’s superpower? Disappearing at lightning speed.

16. Weekends are the echo of laughter in the hallways of life.

17. Where does Johnny Bravo go on weekends? To the “MIRRORage” in Las Vegas!

18. The weekend was charged with battery. It always charges people up!

19. The weekend’s motto: “Come for the relaxation, stay because you hit the snooze button.”

20. My weekend spirit animal? A sloth on vacation.

Best Weekend Puns

21. Why did the weekend blush?
It saw Monday changing!

22. Why do weekends wear sunglasses?
Because their future is so bright!

23. Why did the weekend write a book?
To finally have a week’s ending!

24. What does the weekend say when it’s upset?
“I’m not week, I’m just two days short!”

25. Why did the calendar invite the weekend to the party?
It always brings the best days!

26. How do weekends stay cool?
They chill on Saturday and breeze through Sunday.

27. What did one day say to the weekend?
“It’s so week-end of you to visit!”

28. Why was the weekend so proud of itself?
It always stood up to the weekdays!

29. If the weekend were a sport, it’d be a sprint.
Fast, exhilarating, and over before you know it!

30. Why did the weekend go to school?
To become a weekday!

Weekend Joke

31. Why did the weekend break up with the calendar?
It was tired of being dated!

32. What’s the weekend’s favorite kind of music?
Week-end roll!

33. Why did the weekend get a ticket?
It tried to fast-forward past Monday!

34. Why did the computer keep freezing on the weekend?
It had too many tabs open from Friday night!

35. Why do weekends never argue?
They always meet at the end of the week.

36. Why was the weekend feeling sticky?
It got caught up in a jam-packed Saturday!

37. How do you know weekends are generous?
They always give you a break!

38. Why don’t weekends work out at the gym?
They’re already too short!

39. Why did the weekend bring a ladder?
To finally get over the weekday hump!

40. How does the weekend greet the weekday?
Long time no see!

Funniest Weekend Jokes

41. I asked the weekend for advice about my mother-in-law’s visit.
It said, “Stay strong, and remember, Monday’s the rescue.”

42. The weekend and a rainbow walked into a bar.
The bartender said, “Looks like it’s gonna be a bright one!”

43. Why do weekends always carry an umbrella?
Because they love to shower you with fun!

44. Ever notice how “weekend” sounds like “we can”?
Coincidence? I think not.

45. Why was the weekend good at chess?
Because it always knew how to check-mate Monday!

46. My weekend’s superpower?
Disappearing at lightning speed.

47. “How’s your weekend looking?”
“Bright, until the forecast showed a chance of mother-in-law.”

48. I asked the weekend for its secret to happiness.
It whispered, “Stay away from calendars.”

49. Why did the weekend go to art school?
It wanted to draw out the fun.

50. If weekends had a slogan, it’d be:
“Two days, unlimited potential.”

Weekend Joke

51. The weekend said it wanted to be a chef,
but only serves two-day feasts!

52. Why did the weekend wear stripes?
Because it didn’t want to be spotted ending!

53. Why was the weekend always calm?
It meditated on Saturdays and reflected on Sundays.

54. “How was your weekend with your mother-in-law?”
“Great! We played hide and seek. I’m still hiding.

55. Why did the weekend break up with the week?
Too many days were coming between them.

56. Why did the weekend gift my mother-in-law a map?
To help her find her way back quicker.

57. Why did the weekend go to the beach?
To wave goodbye to the weekday blues.

58. I told my weekend to be more assertive.
Now it’s trying to push Monday away!

59. Why was the weekend always so optimistic?
It believed every end was a new beginning.

60. Why did the weekend bring a flashlight?
It wanted to light up your days!


Weekends come and go, but laughter is timeless. We hope these jests brought a smile to your face. Until next time, cherish those fleeting moments and the chuckles they bring!


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