61 Funniest Witch Jokes

Welcome to our delightful collection of witch-themed jokes! They’re brewing with clever puns, charming humor, and magical witticisms.

So hop on your broomstick and get ready for a cackling good time as we dive into a world of spellbinding laughter!

Witch One-Liner Jokes

1. Witches love autumn because it’s the only time their broomsticks don’t overheat.

2. A witch’s favorite subject at school? Spelling, of course.

3. Witches are great at cooking because they always stir up trouble.

4. What do you call a witch who lives by the beach? A sand-witch.

5. Witches are great at baseball. They always have a home-run on their broomsticks.

6. Baking is a witch’s best talent – she knows the recipe for success.

7. Witches prefer email over snail mail – it’s faster than broomstick delivery.

8. What’s a witch’s favorite thing about computers? The spell check.

9. Witches never worry about parking; they always have their “broom”-spot.

10. A witch’s favorite exercise? Flying crunches.

Witch Joke

11. Why are witches great drivers? They always fly in the fast lane.

12. Witches make excellent teachers – they know how to keep their pupils spellbound.

13. The witch started her own business, she said it was “brew” or die.

14. Witches never get cold, they always have a “charm”ing warm presence.

15. A witch’s favorite beverage? A cup of “brew” coffee.

16. What do you call a witch with a rough day? “Bewitched and bothered”.

17. Witches make terrible liars, you can always see right through their “transparency” spells.

18. Witches are never late for meetings, they always “fly” right on time.

19. What’s a witch’s favorite make-up? Ma-scare-a.

20. Why are witches good at tennis? They always have a “racket” up their sleeve.

Best Witches Puns

21. Why don’t witches trust their spells after turning 40?
– Because they go through a mid-spell crisis!

22. Why did the witch refuse to date the wizard?
– He always seemed to have too many “spells” up his sleeve.

23. Why did the witch start taking yoga?
– She heard it was great for improving hex-ibility!

24. How can you tell an adult witch from a teenage witch?
– The adult witch has broom parking spots at both her house and work.

25. Why did the witch break up with her warlock boyfriend?
– Because every time he said “I love you,” she suspected it was just another enchantment.

26. Why are witches the best at dinner parties?
– Because they always bring their own spirits.

27. Why did the witch go to therapy?
– She was tired of brewing over her problems.

28. Why did the adult witch go back to school?
– She wanted to improve her grammar… er, I mean, grimoire!

29. What do you call a witch who excels in business?
– A start-up sorceress.

30. Why do witches make terrible secretaries?
– They spend too much time cursing the computer.

31. What did the witch say when she misplaced her broomstick?
– “I guess it’s time to upgrade to a vacuum cleaner.”

32. What’s a witch’s favorite part of the newspaper?
– The horroscope.

Witch Joke

33. Why don’t witches use bookmarks?
– Because they like everything to be spelled out.

34. What do you call an overworked witch?
– Stressed to the hex-treme.

35. Why did the witch break up with her familiar?
– Because their relationship was becoming too predictable.

36. How do witches stay fit?
– By doing witch-ual exercises.

37. What’s a witch’s favorite type of investment?
– Witch Stocks.

38. How does a witch know she’s ready for retirement?
– When she’s tired of stirring the pot.

39. Why don’t witches play hide and seek?
– Because they always come out of the broom closet.

40. How does a witch prefer her coffee?
– Black as night and twice as strong.

Most Funny Witch Jokes

41. What is a witch’s favorite type of math?
– Hexagonometry.

42. Why did the witch always carry a notebook?
– Because she wanted to jot down her “flying” thoughts.

43. Why did the witch go to the bar?
– She heard they had excellent “boos.”

44. How do witches keep their hair in place while flying?
– They use scare-spray.

45. Why do witches prefer older brooms?
– They go for the ones with more character… and fewer splinters!

46. What did the witch say when asked about her age?
– “Don’t worry, I’ve stopped counting after my 300th birthday.”

47. Why was the witch a great gardener?
– She had a real knack for weed-witching.

Witch Joke

48. Why was the witch such a successful businesswoman?
– Because she always knew how to charm her clients.

49. What’s a witch’s favorite hobby?
– Crochet-ing a spell.

50. Why do witches never get lost?
– Because they always take the “scenic broom route.”

51. What’s a witch’s favorite style of cooking?
– Slow-cooker, preferably a cauldron.

52. Why did the witch refuse to join the tech industry?
– She felt more comfortable with “spell check” rather than tech check.

53. Why did the witch get a ticket while flying her broomstick?
– For breaking the height limit!

54. What did the witch say to her rebellious teenage daughter?
– “Don’t make me give you the hex talk!”

55. Why was the witch an excellent trader?
– She knew how to manipulate the “witch” market.

56. What did the witch bring to the picnic?
– Sandwiches, or should I say, “sand-witches”?

57. How did the witch beat the heat of the summer?
– She installed a broom conditioning unit.

58. Why don’t witches like to eat out?
– They prefer home-cooked spells.

59. How do witches solve their problems?
– They think outside the broom box.

60. Why was the witch always calm?
– She knew there was no point in stirring up a storm in a cauldron.

61. What did the witch name her new skincare brand?
– “Witch Hazel’s Wonders.”


We hope you’ve had a cackling good time journeying through our bewitching collection of witch-themed jokes. Remember, laughter is a magic spell that brings joy and connection.

So, keep these jokes in your grimoire and share them whenever you want to conjure up some fun!


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