80 Funniest Worm Jokes

Dive into the whimsical world of our wriggly friends with these worm-themed puns! From their underground antics to their quirky ways of life, these jokes capture the lighter side of worms in a fun and playful manner. Get ready to wiggle with laughter with these humorous quips!

Worm One-Liner Jokes

1. Worms don’t do well in school, they’re always underground.

2. “Why don’t worms play hide and seek? They always get found in the end.”

3. I tried to keep a worm as a pet, but it just couldn’t worm its way into my heart.

4. “Why don’t worms use phones? They prefer to wriggle out a message.”

5. Worms in an apple: nature’s version of roommates.

6. “Why don’t worms like fast food? They can’t catch it!”

7. “A worm’s favorite game? Twist and shout.”

8. Why don’t worms like to dance? Too hard to find their groove.”

9. “Why was the worm feeling lonely? It was cut in half.”

10. “Worms don’t like fishing; it’s too hooky for them.”

Worm Joke

11. Why don’t worms play basketball? No backbone for the game.”

12. “Worm’s philosophy: Eat dirt, live longer.”

13. “Why are worms so humble? They’re always down-to-earth.”

14. “Worms: the original underground network.”

15. “Why don’t worms like to get up early? They fear the early bird.”

16. “Worms are great at keeping secrets; they always keep it under the soil.”

17. “Why are worms bad at storytelling? They always digress.”

18. “Worms don’t like to be in crowds; they prefer to wriggle solo.”

19. “Why don’t worms play the piano? No fingers for the keys.”

20. “A worm’s favorite music? Anything with a good bass underground.”

Best Worm Puns

21. Why don’t worms play basketball?
They’re afraid of the early bird getting the worm dunk!

22. What’s a worm’s favorite dance?
The squirm.

23. Why did the worm avoid the apple?
It didn’t want to be in a core situation.

24. What do you call a worm with a lot of energy?
A squiggle.

25. How do worms keep their skin moist?
Worm lotion, obviously!

26. What’s a worm’s favorite horror movie?
“The Early Bird”.

27. Why did the worm go to the disco?
To wiggle to the beat.

28. What’s a worm’s favorite Shakespeare play?
“The Taming of the Shrew…d Worm”.

29. Why don’t worms like to play football?
They can’t stand being the ball.

30. What do worms do when they get angry?
They coil up!

31. How do worms get off a tree?
They just drop in.

32. Why was the worm late for dinner?
It got caught in a bird conversation.

33. What’s a worm’s least favorite game?
Bait and switch.

34. What do you call a worm who loves to travel?
A globetrotter.

35. How do worms celebrate their birthdays?
With a mud cake.

Worm Joke

36. Why did the worm start a band?
It had great compost-ition skills.

37. What’s a worm’s favorite TV show?
“Dirt Dynasty”.

38. Why don’t worms like to play chess?
They can’t tell a bishop from a rook.

39. How do worms relax?
They read books on tape-worms.

40. What do you call a worm who’s a spy?
An invertebrate investigator.

41. What do worms say when they’re in trouble?
I’m in a real bind!”

42. Why did the worm break up with its girlfriend?
She saw through its dirty tricks.

43. How do worms handle breakups?
They split in half and move on.

44. What’s a worm’s least favorite game?
Truth or Scare.

45. Why don’t worms like sunny days?
It sheds too much light on their dark deeds.

46. What do worms fear the most?
A life without decay.

47. Why did the worm avoid the apple?
It had too many cores-pes.

48. What’s a worm’s favorite part of a horror film?
The under-earth shots.

49. Why are worms never surprised?
They’ve seen dirtier things underground.

50. What’s a worm’s philosophy in life?
What goes around, decays around.

Most Funny Worm Jokes

51. Why did the worm refuse to join the zombie apocalypse?
It didn’t want to be a crawler.

52. What’s a worm’s favorite horror movie?
“The Nightcrawler”.

53. Why don’t worms like mummies?
Too much wrapping, not enough soil.

54. What do worms do at a ghost party?
The Boogie-Woogie!

55. Why did the worm cross the graveyard?
To get to the other rot.

56. What’s a worm’s favorite Halloween costume?
A human being!

57. Why are worms great at haunting?
They’re already underground.

58. What do you call a worm that haunts houses?
A specter-wiggler.

59. Why don’t vampires like worms?
Too squirmy for a bite.

60. How do worms scare each other?
By telling soil-tingling tales.

61. What did the worm say to the scarecrow?
“You don’t have the guts!”

62. Why was the worm invited to the monster mash?
It was the life of the undead party.

63. What’s a worm’s favorite gothic novel?
“Wriggle Heights”.

64. Why do worms like zombie movies?
They’re all about the ground breaking.

65. What do worms drink at parties?

Worm Joke

66. Why did the ghost refuse to scare the worm?
It couldn’t find its spirit.

67. What’s a worm’s favorite eerie song?
“I Ain’t Got No Body”.

68. Why was the worm afraid of the skeleton?
It had no flesh to hide in!

69. How do worms leave their haunted house?
They slither away silently.

70. What’s a worm’s favorite creepy pastime?
Digging up old graves!

71. Why did the worm attend the funeral?
It heard it was a “grave” event.

72. What do you call a worm that haunts people?
A paranormal ent-wriggle-ty.

73. Why did the worm join the mafia?
It was good at keeping things underground.

74. What do worms do at midnight?
They go out for their night soil.

75. Why don’t worms like horror movies?
Too much screen and not enough soil.

76. How do worms escape danger?
They wormhole through the dirt.

77. What did the worm say at the crime scene?
“Looks like things are getting dirty.”

78. Why was the worm so good at secrets?
It lived in the dark.

79. What’s a worm’s favorite type of story?
Anything with a twist and a squirm.

80. Why did the worm refuse to be in a salad?
It didn’t want to be tossed into a grave situation.


That’s a wraps on our worm-themed comedy! Whether they squirmed their way into your heart or just gave you a giggle, these jokes remind us that even the smallest creatures can inspire a big laugh.


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